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Sup LNSPLTRS! Thofoo here, about to CPR this blog one time!

A little bit about myself, I’ve been in the background lurking at LNSPLTBLVD when it first started out and always admired the forever two wheel life.  I picked up a 1979 cb750f in October 2014 and the rest was history!  Instantly fell in love with two wheeled life.  I am constantly looking at the weather forecast, itching for the next time I can be on the open throttle.  Son hit me up the day before and asked if I wanted to ride to San Francisco, first thing that popped to my mind was, “WHAT TIME?”  What I didn’t realize was I already had plans to grab brunch with a friend that we planned about a week ago!
Bummed out, I texted to see if brunch was still a happening but in the back of my mind I was hoping we could reschedule, gotta have my PRIORITIES straight!  The STARS aligned that day, something came up and we rescheduled.  HALLEJELUAH time to attack San Francisco!

When my bike was next to Son’s red R6, I couldn’t help to think, “Wow our color schemes reminded me of the old school super Nintendo game DOUBLE DRAGON!”

After pumping gas we headed off to the CITY.  That 45 minute ride was gruesome for me,  the way my seat and bars are set, positioned me in an awkward arrangement.  I’m literally slouched  over my tank with my back curved like the letter “C”. The ride there was brutally surreal to me, I just couldn’t believe I am about to ride to the city with just 4 months of riding under my belt.  I just kept reminding  myself that confidence is key, trust my abilities.  I was mentally prepared but physically I was not.  Due to the excitement, I skipped out on breakfast.  This was a bad decision because the 45min ride with the road banging on my back, wore me out.  I didn’t know whether it was the excessive wind on my face, the adrenaline, or the hunger, but i was on a slight head high.  When we got into Daly City Son and I stopped at a red light, I nudged him and rubbed my stomach, to give him the universal sign of hunger.  Our first stop a chicken joint (Hot Sauce and Panko).  Replenished our bodies  and headed towards the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

The Bay Area was going through a storm period for a while and suddenly this particular weekend we were blessed with gorgeous ass weather!  I wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip away, we weren’t the only ones with this mindset because everyone and their mothers were trying to get to SF.  The roads leading to the Golden Gates and Golden Gates itself was jam packed!  We knew what we had to do and we just split through cars!  We went through dark tunnels LNSPLTNG, I couldn’t help but rev my engine just to warn drivers we were coming through.  Nah fuck that I was just being obnoxious and letting the backfire of my muffler ring  the ears of anyone in proximity.  The echoes of through the tunnel sounded like gunshots, and  with each backfire my smile grew.  Nothing puts a smile on my face more than LNSPLTNG.  You remember back in grade school there was always this one fucker who would cut the lunch line and not give a shit, yeah that’s exactly how I felt LNSPLTNG. SO LONG SUCKERS!

We got up to Hawk Hill and I just couldn’t believe the obstacles we just went through in order to get up here, I can’t imagine how it would be if we were caged in a vehicle.  On top of the heavy traffic, SF is known for its horrible parking, that didn’t matter cause we didn’t give a fuck and parked where ever we wanted.  My theory with having a bike is that I would not get a parking ticket if I am nearby just because it only takes a couple of seconds to move(knock on wood).  This is the view from on top of Hawk Hill, extremely breathtaking and worth the breaking my back to get here.

Red Dragon and Blue Dragon

Felt like I leveled up throughout this trip, I can’t determine which is more sore, my back from the ride or my face from cheesing all the way there and back.