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Like everything I’ve owned, nothing stays stock. I replaced the hideous headlight with a smaller one that was on Rusty’s Born Free 7 phase.

With a spare predator motor from my last mini bike build, I was able to mock up the engine fitment and reuse the clutch that came with the bike.

Once the fitment cleared, a quick trip to the nearby Harbor Freight was made and I came out with a brand new 6.5 HP Predator motor for the project

Took the 4runner just in case I decide to buy something big

Not a bad price for this clean Honda CL 450.  The owner was asking $3500 or best offer

Digging the setup on this Shovel

One of many reasons why I love swap meets, you’ll never know what you will run into

A great place for sharing old stories and good memories

Where else can you get used magazines for $.50 per issue

Check out this bitching frame

Aside from cheap parts, chatting with the sellers is enough to get your Sunday morning going


Check out that longboard in the back…

Follow OakTownChoppers on Instagram if you haven’t already. Super cool dude

No description needed. This screams “STAY THE FUCK AWAY”… lol

As I was making my rounds, a guy came up to me and gave me this… Sweet!

“Can I take a picture of this trike?”

“Sure buddy!”

Snaps Snaps..

“Ok now you gotta buy it!

“That’s a nice camera!”

“Thanks! you want a picture?”

“Sure, I won’t charge you”

I heard about Basket Case Magazine in one of Recycle Garage‘s podcasts. It was nice to meet Josh, the guy behind the magazine. We had a short chat about future events and rides. If you’re ever in Santa Cruz, stop by and support their magazines.

This blue Shovel is a regular here. Good seeing it again

“Can I take a picture of this mini bike?”

“Sure, you can take it home too for $20!”

“What! You don’t gotta tell me twice!!”

Best $20 I’ve ever spent lol

I knew it was a good idea to take the 4runner!

Walked back to the parking lot to check out more bikes

Alex English from Old E Metalworks broke everyone’s neck with this Knucklehead

What a bike! The average eye cannot comprehend all the little details Alex put into this bike

It was a successful swap meet as I got what I was looking for and more

Rear swing arm for my Shovel project…

$20 mini chopper…

A stash of magazines…

and I bought a raffle ticket for Born Free 9 which came with this rad poster of the Panhead that they’re raffling off this year

Until next time Lnspltrs!