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Like everything I’ve owned, nothing stays stock. I replaced the hideous headlight with a smaller one that was on Rusty’s Born Free 7 phase.

With a spare predator motor from my last mini bike build, I was able to mock up the engine fitment and reuse the clutch that came with the bike.

Once the fitment cleared, a quick trip to the nearby Harbor Freight was made and I came out with a brand new 6.5 HP Predator motor for the project

One of my goals for this year is to get the Shovelhead up and running by summer. I’m also building it for the LNSPLT Build Off ’17.

As you can see below, no drastic changes yet. I find myself staring at the bike more often than actually working on it. I removed the oil tank and the rest of the wiring to clear space for new replacements.

It’s nice to be wrenching on a different platform other than Hondas. For this build, I plan to take my time and enjoy the process.