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“I was riding for about three months when I first went down. Injured my left knee pretty bad and was down for about two months after surgery. The fears, the doubts of riding again lingered hard in me and with my imagination, I was pretty spooked. That same fear reminded me of when I was younger, I would always get bullied or beaten up by some older kids in school. I hated that feeling, hated being scared or having that anxiety of fear. In a way that fear pushed me to the limit to actually stand up for myself. At first, I got my ass kicked a few more times.. but hey, they eventually stopped and I stopped feeling scared.

That feeling of fear is what got me back on the bike. I didn’t want that fear to resonate within me. So
I hopped back on the bike after two months even with the leg brace still on. From the leg brace than to knee pads and back to squid mode(laughs).

I may still be the worst rider in our group but I don’t let that fear of not riding get in the way of me. You shouldn’t let fear get in the way of what makes you happy and riding makes me happy.”