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This past weekend I was able to attend the So-Cal Cycle Swap for the second time. As expected, there were a shit of parts and attendees. Young was also able to make it out to the event for the first time.

First thing that caught my eye in the parking lot was this slammed step side Chevy

As you can see, weather was pretty shitty

Early birds

Thanks to Sheila for taking pictures while Young and I were hunting for parts


Bicycle parts were everywhere

Old school tandem bikes

And another one

Board trackers

Modified wagons seemed to be the trend

More bikes

What a beautiful Knuckle

Noise Cycles

Flawless Panhead

One day…



Who else is excited about this?!?

I’ve always been jealous of Socal folks and their monthly cycle swap. During a trip to Socal, I stumbled upon an ad for the cycle swap and was lucky enough to squeeze in time for the meet. What I saw instantly got me hooked. Affordable parts and bikes everywhere- it was heaven. The community, bikes, and atmosphere were things that Norcal lacked.

To me, one of the greatest parts about building a motorcycle is the cost. Unlike a car, which can eat up your whole wallet in just a single purchase, the cost of building a motorcycle is very minimal. To this day, my whole project including the bike is still well under $2,500.

News about the Norcal Cycle Swap is a huge deal for people like myself. Hope to see you guys there!


My loot from last year’s Socal Cycle Swap. All for $35

Back in January, I had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento for work. After work was finished, I decided to check out downtown Sacramento. Upon my arrival, I saw thousands of bikers roaring through the downtown streets. Intrigued, I asked an employee of a nearby shop what was going on. “Easyriders show, Sons of Anarchy casts will be there.” he said. Ten minutes later and $20 gone, I was in the show.

Bike clubs everywhere made an appearance

I saw this beauty at the San Mateo show and was glad to see it here again

A well done Honda Shadow 750. Built by Old E Metalworks from Sacramento. You can check out the build thread HERE. This bike won 1st place for Old School Bobber, Judges Class.

Pretty insane chain bike

My favorite bike of the show was this 1976 Shovelhead. Paint, handlebars, tires, suicide shifter, and sissy bar = winning combination

The line to see Opie