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None of us knew what DGR was until the Prez told us he was gonna be in it.

DGR, aka Gentlemen’s Ride, is basically an event where you dress up as classy motherfuckers and ride your “classy” bikes to raise awareness for cancer.

Naturally, anything that I haven’t done before, I’m interested in. Did a quick roll call and the following dirt bags were down to ride.

Because we are men, we only knew the destination but not how to get there. So we got lost, like men. But thankfully a pair of dirt riders came to our aid.

A majority of the bikes were Cafe racers: the classy kinds. Our bikes were probably the shittiest and cheapest.

Ducky and I got shot

Made many pit stops and met this dude Jonny Vu

The Prez’s pipes made the girls wet

Packed the streets

Twin Steeds

Twin Peaks

I gotta admit, this ride was very well organized. Nobody crashed, no cops, and no angry Range Rover driver.

Until next year LNSPLTRS!