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Ever since I started riding, I’ve only tried sports bikes, bobbers, and atvs- but never a dirt bike. Last Friday, I had the opportunity of going dirt biking with YK and John. Simply put, I was hooked!

YK gassing up

I dig the color scheme on John’s bike

It’s crazy to think that there’s a Moto X Park right behind my backyard. It’s literally 10 minutes from my house

Look at those trails

The office where we paid for parking. $6 per car and that was it. It amazes me how cheap the cost of dirt biking is compared to sports bikes track days.

Awww yeaaa its official!

Few pictures of the park

Our pit area

What time is it??! Unload time

Yk’s a pro at loading and unloading bikes

John testing out Yk’s bike

My bike for the day


Front tire didn’t hold air…

No problem! On the spot wheel swap

Out with the old

In with the new

First timer so no gears for me

YK and John looked like pros

Rode the beginner’s course with no problem except the part where I almost killed myself going downhill

Tried to keep up with YK

got smoked

Quick stop to admire the view

Back at it

Dirt burn out lol

Another kick ass view

Back at the pit

Calling it a day

I had a blast and it won’t be the last time I’m there. Can’t wait to actually gear up and go all out. Until next time…


Photos by: Sheila Bui