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Saturday, Huntington Beach

Laguna Beach

Pretty cool smart car

Brian’s bike decided to shut itself off in the middle of riding

While we were troubleshooting Brian’s bike, this awesome truck pulled up

The owner was super friendly and I wish I remember his name

Check out his website at where they rescue tangled and injured birds from fishing lines. 

Chevy in a Ford

Nice and simple interior

Nothing beats a well done truck

The owner was super down to earth. He’s a part of a local band and told us all the cracking places to visit

By this time, Brian’s bike was fixed. We rode to Phuoc Loc Tho without realizing that there was a night market going on. Just our luck!

There was a shit load of people

Felt like I was in Vietnam


Getting ready to go brunch

Uh oh

Whos gonna get popped?


Pulled over to wait for Paul

Checking up on Paul

and he’s back!

Got a ticket for modified pipes

Back on the road

Hau first time riding suicide

Ready to go

Last pit stop in Santa Ana


Palm Trees

First stop. West LA

8 A.M. and it was already hot

Rode to Guppys to meet up with Brian

The ride to the show was priceless. Bikes were everywhere and the atmosphere was indescribable. You gotta be there to know what I’m talking about.

Biker’s Paradise



Loving the theme

They were serious

Would be neat to see these vans mob on the freeway

Cute couple

Artists from Japan

Do you see what I see?


Look at the pipes on these bad boys

Yup, that’s Shinya Kimura on the left

Bunch of bikes for sale

What’s better than two wheels? Three!

This one’s for Brian. He’s about that military life

In about an hour, this area will be packed with people

Pretty cool logo

Cool petcock

How low can you go?

Free tanks for the ladies

Looks like they came from outta state

Born Free booth

I got a weak spot for rusty dirty looking bikes

The 1%

The 99%

Beer? Neh…


FUCK YEA! We probably spent over $50 worth of lemonade that day

Cool setup. Murica bitches

By now, the parking lot was filled with bikes. People couldn’t even get in

Helmets.. and big tits

This Ford Econoline was on point

Rake for days


Brian, Hau, and I decided to check out the parking lot

Felt like Race Wars



Wish my bike got a kickstart


Har har…


Another dope Econoline

After seeing these guys, a rear seat is a must!

and thats the end of Part 6. Stay tune for Part 7 (The Bikes)

Just a few minutes after our last stop, the guys had to pull over due to the blazing heat.

Back on the road

Big ass rock

Waiting for Duck

Turns out Mr. Ducky Duck forgot to pump gas earlier…

Back on the road once again

Gas stop #9821231…

Time to switch riders and bikes

Yee and Khanh’s bikes came out to play

Magic Mike and Ducky Duck

Right when Yee, Khanh, Paul and I hopped on the freeway, bumper to bumper traffic hit. We didn’t want our bikes to over heat so we lanesplitted and let the truck and van catch up later.

Waiting for the truck and van

Last pit stop before we ride straight to LA

Ducky Duck calling Magic Mike out

“This is how you pose son!!!”


12 hours later… Started from San Jose, now we here!!

Rusty in socal

Ducky Duck getting fancy with the pictures

Orientals and their Jap craps