It was supposed to be a Sunday filled with motorcycles, beers, and good times. But shit happens…

Dennis was on his way from Sacramento to San Francisco when his trusted iron horse suddenly shut off on the freeway. He knew right off the bat it had something to do with his timing since it was the only thing he replaced a few days ago. Shitluck, the name he gave to his be trusted Shovelhead. He was shit outta luck that day.

With years of training, he remained calm and used the only tool that could get him out of this sticky situation. His I-phone. He found a shop about a mile away and that was his only hope. Fueled by a gas station hot dog, he pushed the iron horse one mile to the shop but only to be left broken hearted. The shop was closed. “Everyday 12-5,” the sign says. No problem, there was a phone number. He left a voicemail and waited.

The shop owner called back and said he can come around 2 PM. “WTF!” Dennis thought to himself. At this point, Dennis figured it was best to call it a day and phone a friend. Luckily, the homies were in SF selling shit at a swap meet so they came to his rescue… The rest was history…


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  1. Anonymous #
    March 29, 2018

    Thanks for the bail out! I have AAA premier now haha.

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