When life puts you in a helpless circumstance, you’re given time to think. Not many circumstances are more helpless than being immobile in a hospital bed, so I had my fair share of thinking to do.

I discovered that I had a massive support system that I had built over the years just by being who I am. From close friends and family to strangers that I’d shared one good conversation with at a party, everyone reached out in various ways to remind me that I wasn’t alone. I put my thoughts on all of my social media channels to discover that I had not only awoken a new way of thinking in my own mind, but in that of others as well.

I realized that I had been looking at life like it was a destination. As if I were an imperfect version of myself on my way to where I was really supposed to be. And I shut myself out from everyone so I could focus on getting there to show them that perfect version of me that I was sure existed all along. I lost sight of who I was because I was too busy thinking about who I was going to be.

I didn’t realize that the real me, perfect or not, had the power to change people’s lives. I could influence them to think, and feel. And if I could do all of that from the confines of a hospital room, I reveled in possibilities of what I could accomplish the day I walk out into the world.

One of the most dangerous survival reactions we encounter as motorcyclists is target fixation. When we lock our eyes onto a central object, we forget to deeply analyze a situation before making a decision. In the world of motorcycles, and in life, doing so is bad for your health.

Always keep your eyes open, scan the road, and enjoy the ride. As the age-old motorcycle adage says, “Happiness isn’t around the corner. Happiness is the corner.”


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