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Hi, my name is Quinn Dang. I’m 25 years old and I got into motorcycles about two years ago on my 23rd birthday. A part of me always romanticized the concept of piloting an open cockpit on public roads, but I never really entertained the idea until I started going to college. I’d see bikers pull up into designated motorcycle parking spaces, and tear off their helmets as if they’d  just returned from a war-torn country.

To put it plainly, I wanted to ride motorcycles because they were cool, and they made people look cool.

I convinced myself that I was doing the practical thing with the usual newbie arguments, like saving gas, insurance, and time, but I didn’t expect to fall in love the way that I did. The first thing I discovered was that it was definitely not a cheap hobby if you wanted to really learn about it and get good at it. But that didn’t stop me, and I’d put off eating out with friends just to concentrate my money and energy on learning as much as I could about bikes.

The beauty of discovering a lifelong hobby is that it will teach you things about life. Among many things, it will teach persistence, patience, and it will further your ability to learn in all other facets of life.

Before motorcycles, I was the kind of person to pay fifty bucks to get my oil changed at SpeeDee. I never turned a wrench, and the only reason I ever found myself in a garage was to tell my dad dinner was ready. The second I put my hand on my bike and started fixing (and breaking) things, something clicked. I started to learn how things worked.



One of my goals for this year is to get the Shovelhead up and running by summer. I’m also building it for the LNSPLT Build Off ’17.

As you can see below, no drastic changes yet. I find myself staring at the bike more often than actually working on it. I removed the oil tank and the rest of the wiring to clear space for new replacements.

It’s nice to be wrenching on a different platform other than Hondas. For this build, I plan to take my time and enjoy the process.