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Similar to last year, I’m gonna introduce the riders, aka the “The Treblemakers” 

First is Terrence Cruz, aka Tcruz, aka Mr. America, aka PHILipino, aka heyterrenceheey

Many moons ago, this guy told me “Hey let’s buy a honda shadow and chop it up, we’ll be so kool”. Next thing you know, this guy shows up with a spanking new Harley. Nice one bro!

Born Free 6 was Tcruz’s first long distance trip. He made it there and back without a problem and even earned himself a “ATW” badge. 

Next up, we have Vu Phan, aka Mr.Version2, aka vphan119

Vu loves long walks on the beach, making duck faces, chicken waffles, buddha necklaces, life loving typa guy. 

Vu was Yeezus’ right hand man for Yeezus’ Media. Thanks for recording and taking pictures broski!

Next we have Young Khong, aka YK, aka THE PREZ.

This guy right here is the reason why we have such a solid crew. He is the founder and mastermind of Legion Cycles. This guy got his hands on 90% of the chopped Honda Shadows in San Jose. He’s a crazy man. Just look at the way he devours that waffle. 

New to Born Free and first time long distance rider is Dat, aka DizzyDat, aka The VP

Growing up, DizzyDat wanted to be a superstar. He wanted to be known as the Dizziest of all. To achieve his dream, at the tender age of 4, Dat joined a local Vietnamese band called “The Viet Sensations” aka TVS. Dat and his crew of 3 and 1/2 toured the whole city of San Jose for 17 years. TVS became a household name and Dat’s dream was slowly becoming a reality, until…. one day…. Dat woke up from a 2 hour nap and he no longer wanted to be the Dizziest of all. INSTEAD, he wanted to be BADASS. So he linked up with YK and the rest is history. 

Now to the Veterans… Yee Banh, aka Yeezus, aka YeeImpressionsPhotobooth

This year

Last year

As you can see, he hasn’t changed much. Yeezus did a great job of capturing everything on our trip. Thanks buddy! Can’t wait for the video to be finished. 

Next we have Paul, aka PaulshizzleDizzle

What’s a Born Free trip without Paul?? We honestly thought this guy wasn’t gonna go this year until the last minute phone call. A Born Free veteran, Paul just doesn’t give a fuck about the Sun. 

Next we have Duck, aka Ducky, aka The Musckle

Duck’s dream of owning a duck farm vanished after he had his first taste of Chick-fil-A. Mesmerized by the ludicrously delicious chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A, Duck plans to change his name to Cock and save money to raise a chicken farm. 

His reaction after the first bite

He said Chick-fil-A gave him the musckles. Tcruz doesn’t believe.

Next up we have another Born Free veteran, Brian. aka Redneck, aka Keep Drinking Water, aka creepinBrian

Small Dick. Big Attitude. Thats all you need to know about Brian.

And lastly, this is I. The only normal dude in the crew 

Stay Tuned for Part 3 | The road to Born Free 6!