Part 2 consists of the bikes that I saw in the parking lot

The first bike that stuck out was Eric Justesen’s VLX built by TJ Brutal Customs

Probably one of the cleanest VLX’s in the U.S.

And it can be yours!

Young checking out the details

Check out the front tire and the pipes on this immaculate Shovel

Props to the builder for a well done bike

Easily one of my favorite bikes at the meet

This bike was full of love

Lean like a cholo

Wicked bars are wicked

LNSPLT approved

Didn’t see many Cafe style bikes, this was one of the few

Road Kings were everywhere!

This rigid Panhead was a nice sight

I have a soft spot for skinny bikes

Digging everything about this bike


This Honda CB750 was spotless!

Loving the tires choice and tank position on this bike

A great amount of time was spent on admiring this Panhead

The bike that stood out like a sore thumb was this Rat inspired VLX

Built by Eric from Casa Customs

Jax Teller and his buddy

Imagine cruising down the coast with this trike

Found Mario’s twin

The Horse


For $3,500 OBO, it can be yours

Socal VLX’s

Another Panhead spotted

My favorite bike at the meet

Everything was very well executed

Interesting pipes on this Shovel

Love how clean the bars look on this Shovel

Other bikes

I’m gonna end the post with Pop’s 1976 Shovelhead. This bike was stolen soon after I took this photo. If you look closely, you can see the lock on the ground instead of being locked on the rotor. If you see this bike please contact @moonsmc on Instagram and call the police. Spread awareness and help a brother find his ride.

Thank you for looking.


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