“Each year the BSA Owners Club of Northern California organizes The Clubman’s All British Motorcycle Weekend. The Clubman’s All-British Weekend is held for the recognition and promotion of British motorcycles, British motorcycle clubs and the British motorcycling community. The Clubman’s All-British Weekend is an all volunteer event, with support from the many British motorcycle clubs. All motorcyclists are welcome to come and enjoy the weekend” – BSAOCNC

7:30 A.M.

Betty The Radio Flyer was ready to haul parts

Such a good looking truck

Colors on point

World’s Fastest Motorcycle

Velocette bikes from England

This race inspired Norton was a beauty

Old parts are the best parts

I don’t know why I didn’t buy a ticket. Maybe because I knew I wasn’t gonna stay till the end of the show

Such a sweet looking lid. MURICA!

I was chatting with this vendor for a bit and he told me how he just snagged a running Shovelhead for $900! Lucky bastard.

He was one tough sob of a seller, I had to bargain for the longest time until we came into an agreement

Got myself a seat and a vintage tail light from him

Cool looking rigid frame

I’d like to own a Triumph one day

This set up would be killer once its done

More parts

Sheila and I were the only Asians there and probably the youngest

Such awesomeness

Well done to whoever built this

A very tasteful BSA

It can be yours for $3,500

Bikes for sale

Spotted a fellow wagon

More parts


Found a nice background for a quick photo of Betty

Stay tune for Part 2!



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