The chopping began two days after the purchase.

The first thing to go was the hideous seat. Previous owner said the bike sat for over 20 years.

Next was the handlebars. I had a pair of bicycle handlebars laying around so I threw them on to see how they’d look.

Not too shabby compared to the stock bars

I ended up making my own clip-ons because I didn’t like how bulky everything looked in the center of the triple clamp.

Much, much cleaner

Coming along nicely

Next on the list was wiring. I’ve always wanted to do a bare bone chop. The less wires the better.



Wires inside the headlight housing…

Nice and clean


Painted the triple clamp, clip-ons and bought new levers and throttle assembly

Current look

More progress coming soon. Thanks for looking!



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  1. Anonymous #
    May 20, 2014

    Looks really good! Keep us posted with any updates.

  2. Anonymous #
    June 23, 2014

    Yes please do keep us updated!

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