When news broke out that there’d be a Norcal Cycle Swap, I wasted no time to make sure I’d be free and be there.

Fast forward to January 12th, 2014

4:00 A.M. woke up -> 4:15 showered -> 4:30 picked up Daniel -> 4:45 picked up Sheila 

-> 5:00 on the road.

Beautiful sunrise in Sacramento

Started to fog just a few exits from the Cycle Swap

I give these guys major props for riding in the nipple freezing cold weather

The swap was definitely smaller than the socal swap but there were a lot of quality parts for awesome prices. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I had to make a few trips back to the truck to put away my goodies since I was buying parts left and right

A lot of iron heads came out

This guy looked like he had a fun trip to the swap

My favorite bike at the swap was this skinny shovelhead






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