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Who else is excited about this?!?

I’ve always been jealous of Socal folks and their monthly cycle swap. During a trip to Socal, I stumbled upon an ad for the cycle swap and was lucky enough to squeeze in time for the meet. What I saw instantly got me hooked. Affordable parts and bikes everywhere- it was heaven. The community, bikes, and atmosphere were things that Norcal lacked.

To me, one of the greatest parts about building a motorcycle is the cost. Unlike a car, which can eat up your whole wallet in just a single purchase, the cost of building a motorcycle is very minimal. To this day, my whole project including the bike is still well under $2,500.

News about the Norcal Cycle Swap is a huge deal for people like myself. Hope to see you guys there!


My loot from last year’s Socal Cycle Swap. All for $35