“This is my Tiger Lily. There are many like her, but this one is mine.”

I honestly never thought I’d end up buying a bike, let alone, build one. I always thought they were dangerous, but I guess my negative mentality towards bikes went out the window when I saw my uncle’s honda shadow. I think everyone in the group has him to thank for one reason or another. After all, we don’t call him our Prez for nuthin’! We have very similar styles and many of Tiger Lily’s mods have been influenced by him. So, this is my obligatory shout out to el Presidente, Young Khong.

I think my style is sort of unique to the group and is most likely why my bike looks like such an ugly sack of shit. But I like that kind of look. I call it the, “I don’t give a fuck” look. I wanted my bike to look like I actually ride it more than once a month. I’m a strong advocate against weekend warriors and bikes that are purely for show. All that shiny chrome and three stage paint jobs are against my religion. I like bikes that look like they’ve been through a war zone, hence my bike’s army theme.

YK was the one who got me to switch to the suicide shift. One day, I went riding with him after I got my bike, and I had to admit, it looked fucking badass! So, after only 3 months of riding under my belt, I switched to suicide shifting. Lol It was probably a really bad idea and I probably should have gained more experience before switching over, but I obviously didn’t give a fuck. I never really think things through and I’m not about to start now.

I love the reaction I get when people see the suicide shifter. People automatically think you’re a total badass. Either that, or a crazy SOB. Which I don’t mind being either. I don’t think it’s enough to have a gnarly looking bike. I think it should also be about the rider. If your bike looks badass, you gotta look like a badass too! Well, you don’t have to, but who doesn’t want to look like a bad ass?? All the guys in our group are pretty bad ass in their own way. I love how everyone has their own style and character.

What does my bike mean to me?

To put it simply, everything.

If I had to choose between my first born child and my bike, there would be no contest. I am only truly content when I’m riding. And it has to be on Tiger Lily. Riding other bikes is fun and all, but it’s just not the same. There’s nothing like feeling the wind against your body. Feeling the road underneath you. All that fresh fucking air. Sometimes, I’ll get a bug that unwelcomely flies into my helmet making me want to jump off my bike, but it’s a small price to pay.

I’ve met so many random people and had so many lovely conversations with strangers that ask about my bike. People I wouldn’t otherwise meet. I love meeting strangers and talking about motorcycles, and I love the looks I get when riding. My bike usually attracts old white dudes, but there’s a few dames that have told me I had a “cool” bike. That makes all the sweat and blood I put into my bike worth it. After all, the main reason I wanted to get a bike was to pick up chicks! Haven’t really been successful with that though..

I’m more of a lone wolf when it comes to riding, but nothing can describe the rush I get when riding in a group. Especially when there’s 20+ riders. We look like we are up to no good and that’s fucking awesome. I love when people stare and take pictures. As YK likes to describe it, “It sounds like a storm is comin’.”

It also means a lot to me that I customized this bike myself. Well, of course I had help from the guys, but I didn’t drop the bike off at some shop and have some guy do all the work, or bought it already built. That’s the thing about our group. Our motto is, “built not bought”. When we get new recruits, the guys are always eager to help, but your ass better be willing to learn and help out where you can.

Building a bike yourself adds to its sentimental value. I know if I ever end up selling Tiger Lily, a part of me with die inside. But until then, I’m gonna ride her to the ground.

– Redneck Brian.




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