Do you have a name for your bike?

“Black Stallion. Lol”

How did you get into the bobber scene?

I’m a contractor and originally came out to give an estimate on installing an air conditioner. I asked the owner (Young) to open the garage so I can give a proper estimate. When Young opened the garage, I saw the 2 sexiest bikes I have ever seen. I thought they were choppers to begin with, that’s all I saw on T.V. I pretended like I didn’t care and continued with the estimate…. As I finished up, I then asked young about the bikes. He told me he built them and it was called a “bobber”, a bike you build. I offered him a deal to do the whole air conditioning installation for free in exchange for one of the bikes, no luck. I was pretty bummed out, but then he said “I’d be happy to help you build one”. We then exchanged info and I thought to myself, “this guys never gonna call, why would he help out a stranger”….. Boy, was I wrong! He called me a few weeks later with some good news…

Fast forward a few weeks, Young called me one morning saying he found this awesome deal on a Honda Shadow 600 and that I should jump on it right away. I had a gap between my appointments so I picked up Young and rushed to check out the bike. When we showed up to the house I had no clue to what I was looking for, luckily Young was there and told me this was the perfect bike. The bike was already a steal at the price the owner was asking, but my Vietnamese side came out and I tried to haggle some more. I gave him the “I’m just a college student (I was 27 at the time, I just look like I’m 16), I just got my license (had my license for almost 8 years), This will be my first bike I’ll own (I owned a 99′ R6 before), and finally I need a commuter to get to school”. Poor guy fell for it all and dropped the price even more. The rest is history.

What do you enjoy most about your bike?

I love all the attention I get from my bike. Whether if they’re into sports bikes, cars, old or young, people will always be giving me thumbs up or ask about the bike. The bike has a low, sleek, fast look to it that appeals to everyone.

Any future plans for your bike?

As of now there’s no plans. I love the way she looks and wouldn’t change a thing about her. If I wanted a different style or think of something new, I’d just build a new bike. I love her more than my girlfriend (hopefully she doesn’t read this blog or I’d be in deep sh*t).

I would like to thank Young for everything. Without him, this wouldn’t be possible. I would’ve never thought I’d be able to build a bike in my lifetime. Also, another shout out to Hid Extra for making my riding experience safer and more enjoyable. I wouldn’t be able to see much in the dark if it weren’t for the HID’s.

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