What started as “Hey let’s go for quick cruise” never happens to end that way.

So lets do a quick recap. I’d like to name this one: The Elements

Son and I gas up and head to Jimmy’s to meet up with the rest of the crew. Not surprisingly, no ones home. These douche bags decide that 4:45, which is the time we were supposed to leave, was the perfect time to go grab Taco Bell. (Element 1: Laggers)

The Prez sends us a message, “fuel line leak”. And so the wait to begin our journey as SOA wannabes continues. (Element 2: Breakdown)

Finally we hit on the road and head to Bailey. The usual, some huge bumps, YK pulling away from the pack, me scared shitless of scraping and we get the to famous portapotty at Uvas. (Element 3: Bladder)

Pee, smoke, go. 5 minutes in and Son’s weld breaks on his fender. Zip ties and go again. (Refer to Element 2)

And we start our way through the back roads to Capitola. I was laughing the whole way there cause Son and Duck thought they were too macho for sweaters and it was cold as shit. (Element 4: Weather)

Second stop, Valero. Still thinking they’re badass we hit the road again. This time they really stuck their dicks in the fan. Major fog and mist so heavy that our clothes were damp. I couldn’t see shit. Youngs following the yellow line, the guys follow him. I follow the tail light in front of me. (Element 5: Dick -> Fan)

Third stop, Pizza my Heart. We made it to Capitola in one piece and thought we deserved a slice of gourmet cheese on bread. Duck’s eye lit up when he sees the gift shop across the street. Dude comes out in a brand new made in china hoodie for 35 bucks. (Element 6: Dick no Fan)

Off through SC and back to SJ we go.15 minutes in, The cheap ass zip ties break. What do we do? Put more zip ties. (Element 7: More is better)

Finally back in SJ, and Son pulls over. Why? You guessed it. Zip ties can’t handle us.

We go home. The End.

Waiting for the Prez


Gas stop


Pizza My Heart

Sign from the gift shop

Getting ready to head home

Written by: Yee Banh

Photos by: Yee Banh and Son Mai



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