Just a few minutes after our last stop, the guys had to pull over due to the blazing heat.

Back on the road

Big ass rock

Waiting for Duck

Turns out Mr. Ducky Duck forgot to pump gas earlier…

Back on the road once again

Gas stop #9821231…

Time to switch riders and bikes

Yee and Khanh’s bikes came out to play

Magic Mike and Ducky Duck

Right when Yee, Khanh, Paul and I hopped on the freeway, bumper to bumper traffic hit. We didn’t want our bikes to over heat so we lanesplitted and let the truck and van catch up later.

Waiting for the truck and van

Last pit stop before we ride straight to LA

Ducky Duck calling Magic Mike out

“This is how you pose son!!!”


12 hours later… Started from San Jose, now we here!!

Rusty in socal

Ducky Duck getting fancy with the pictures

Orientals and their Jap craps