Born Free 5 was a success for San Jose Bobbers; nobody died.

Events like Born Free are great not because of the bad ass bikes, the hot chicks, or the booze (maybe a little), but for the time spent with the people that are sharing the journey with you.

I’m blessed to have shared my journey with a bunch of douche bags. Yes, I’m talking about the douche bags that will scare the living shit out of you with their thunderous pipes, the douche bags that blast their EDM music at 6 in the morning, the douche bags that are always the loudest in public places, and the douche bags that will make you find parking else where because they’ve taken over the lot with their Jap craps.

Meet the douche bags…

Paul. Let me tell you something about this douche bag, he fucking loves to ride. He rode for 12 hours from San Jose to LA and still wanted to ride after we checked into our hotel.

Mike, aka Magic Mike. I will tell you why he earned his nick name in the later posts.

Duck. This douche bag is really into ducks. He collects all the squishy duck toys and dreams to have his own duck farm some day.

Yee. When this douche bag was young, he wanted to be a White Ranger. As a matter of fact, he still does. If you look at this bike and helmet in the later posts, you will see why. 

Khanh (right). Probably the nicest douche bag you will ever meet. He will drive you home if you’re drunk. He will pull over just in time before you yack your brain out.

Brian. This douche bag is the whitest gook I know. He collects American Flags and does all types of crazy white boy shit. Due to owning a 240 in his past life in Florida, his drifting skills saved my truck from flipping on the I-5.

Hau (Left). The master mechanic. Give him a wrench and he will build you a space shuttle. This douche bag can fix anything.

I. I don’t have a picture of myself but I’m fucking awesome!!!

The San Jose Douche Bags



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