Back in January, I had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento for work. After work was finished, I decided to check out downtown Sacramento. Upon my arrival, I saw thousands of bikers roaring through the downtown streets. Intrigued, I asked an employee of a nearby shop what was going on. “Easyriders show, Sons of Anarchy casts will be there.” he said. Ten minutes later and $20 gone, I was in the show.

Bike clubs everywhere made an appearance

I saw this beauty at the San Mateo show and was glad to see it here again

A well done Honda Shadow 750. Built by Old E Metalworks from Sacramento. You can check out the build thread HERE. This bike won 1st place for Old School Bobber, Judges Class.

Pretty insane chain bike

My favorite bike of the show was this 1976 Shovelhead. Paint, handlebars, tires, suicide shifter, and sissy bar = winning combination

The line to see Opie